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A well built wheel with more spokes will last longer, ride better and is much easier to maintain and repair than a typical factory wheel.  For example, a wheelset built with American Classic 58/205 hubs, Stan's Alpha 340 rims, Sapim Laser spokes and brass nipples weighs 1375 grams and costs $580.  That's the same weight as a pair of Enve SES2.2 Clinchers at one fifth the price. Higher spoke counts, 28/32 in our example, allow better load sharing among the spokes and smaller stress cycles, prolonging the life of the wheel and reducing the need for frequent truing. We can also tailor the wheels ride characteristics to your specific riding needs. Everyone has different priorities between weight, price, strength, durability, aesthetics, etc. We can make a wheelset for you that is exactly what you want.


Standard lacing is three cross.  Two, one, radial and mixed patterns are available by request.

We use Wheelsmith SpokePrep on spoke threads.

Our wheels are built with care the old fashioned way. Tom has long since lost track of how many wheels he's built, let's just say it's a four digit number.

Quick release skewers and rim strips are included.


The most popular options are shown in our WheelBuilder tool, many others can be special ordered.  Call or email with questions.

Choose your custom spec wheels with our Wheelbuilder Tool


American Classic American Classic - These lightweight road hubs (Micro 58 front and RD 205 rear) have high quality bearings and a very good 6 pawl ratchet mechanism. 58g/205g $122/$230
Ritchey Swiss Cross Canti Swiss Cross Canti - double butted steel tubing, cantilever brakes, 5 sizes XS-XL, WCS Cross Carbon fork $1125
Ritchey Swiss Cross Disc Swiss Cross Disc - heat-treated triple butted steel tubing, 6 sizes 49-59cm, WCS Cross Carbon Disc fork $1000


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Custom Handbuilt Wheels

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Have your next set of wheels custom built to your specs.


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